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Win a St. Valentine gift

6 February 2012

Win a St. Valentine gift

St. Valentine is comming. Acording to the traditions we have to make a present to the person we love and prove our love with love words or message.

You can win unique, handmade gift for your loved ones. 

Who can participate?
Everyone who has ever felt, is feeling or is seeking the magic of love.

What should you do?
Send us your original love message for a greeting card. Send your love messages in the contact form on  here. Write your name and a valid e-mail adress so we can contact you.


We are waiting for your love messages until 13th of February (incl.)


On February 14th we will choose one of all the messages sent, and the winner will take this handmade earrings and ring. They are made with quilling technique and more that a 7,5 meters of white, black and orange paper strips are rolled!prize.jpg